Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

Here's to laughing with friends. This new year will be a year for safe travels, for new languages and learning to stand. I'm going to dedicate the year to self reliance and confidence. That will take some work;)

"There will be no distance that can hold us back"

Blue skies

Monday, December 29, 2008

Iron Maiden Chef Battle Citrus

Yes, I wish this could happen every weekend. And again, I learned so much from my sisters about cooking (and it's all about butter).

The challenge: 2 courses per sister involving the ingredient citrus.

Halibut ceviche with coconut, jicama, and lemongrass. Served in a martini glass accompanied by a Blue Margarita shot.

A trio of Roasted red pepper soup with tangerine cream served in a grapefruit shell, Beet salad on Mache with a lemon vinagrette, and coconut spiked oranges.

Grilled shrimp served on a salad with mango, lime, and radishes.

Strawberry Sorbet
Main courses
Wild rice salad with blood oranges paired with a Tequila Citrus Chicken Wing.

Lemon capellini with caviar paired with a seared sea scallop.

Seared duck breast with lemon mashed potatoes and escarole topped with an orange glaze

Key lime pie! Of course

Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it snow!

I am so exhilarated for Iron Chef Battle Citrus!!! Christmas Eve and Day were really quite delightful. I'm glad I'm not in Bmore for the drama fall. Speaking of I"m reading the best book about "The Falls" by Joyce Caroll Oats. It's snowing like crazy....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Facebook anonymous

I should probably join FA if there is one AND it is a funny name for a self help group. It's like the Trivia championship team named agoraphobics night out that actually go to trivia 4 nights a week and win all the time. I prefer blogging because then it is all about me, but as I have aforementioned it is a lot easier to facebook from the i phone.

The pre plane trip question as always is... should I take the laptop? Should I take the sweater, the vest, and the coat and hat (otterbutt has already mentioned I should bring the latter). I have a fear of losing everything on the plane and really hate people who bring stuff on the plane with them. It is crowded enough people. And one day very very very soon I will be on the plane for a very very very long time to go half a world away.

I finally finished my finals. I am so sick of grad school because once I start to get the hang of it, its over, and my teaching really does suffer. It has absolutely nothing to do with late nights and wine... of course not! I had three students visit me this week from last year. They were wonderful students, one is in Vermont (that mentioned me at graduation) and one is in school at Boulder. The other one could barely graduate but is working as a secretary for a lawyer so hooray! The reason I mention this is because they were very positive in a very long and very distressing week. One student complained to me to guidance, two complained to the principal, and one told me ms.soandso is the shizz and you are the jizz. I called his mom but figured I could practice saying it out loud a few times first. It doesn't matter at all and I'm supposed to be above it, but not so wonderful week.

ho ho ho

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two weeks

I have been piling books by the bed waiting to actually read. Quick snippets of Gary Snyder poems or a page or two of Catcher is all I get, because they decorate the bath. It occurred to me, that even though my house is decorated in books, I seldom read them in the last couple of years. Confirmed by a roomie mentioning he has never seen me read while he's been here. I miss it. And since my addiction to technology and movies will have to decrease while I'm in china, I will have to begin looking at these handheld book thingys not just decorate the house with them.

Aunt Kathy's blog has given me some excellent suggestions. She read's like a book a day it appears, so my goal for this winter break and all of 2009 is to read like an Aunty Kathy in training. Because today, when I turn in my 15 page paper on cancer research, it will be the last day I read an article from a scientific journal for a very very long time. hooray!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You had me at Ni hao (parenthetically)

In true P fashion, I am learning Chinese and putting the words into Beatles song lyrics. No idea why. "You say Zai jiao and I say Ni Hao" for example. I'm pretty sure I'm be able to handle Revolution number 9 from the white album as well. (Don't want to get too ahead of myself Can't wait for Rocky Racoon!)

Learning Chinese (for four days) has really taught me about learners. I have to begin planning my lessons with their questions in mind. Perhaps their questions will be less annoying if I anticipated them. Except the dreaded can i go to the bathroom or will you accept this late. UGH. But on behalf of my pre-K friends (Ice Rock and Baby Mama) at least they don't ask me to help them to the bathroom.

Also, finishing up grad school this semester has also taught me a lot about learners, especially with the interactive online class about physical science. It's sorta like blogging and cooler than a textbook because the hyperlinks, movies, and flash stuff is pretty cool. Only you need each kid to have a computer or they get bored. If you're interested go to my wiki
to see my new online assignments.

As for my "big kid" science grad classes, the seminars were interesting about ant parasites and orchid's duping wasps. The cancer class is great. Still have a paper and an exam in that class so its not that wonderful. Again insight into giving an exam to my kids the same day they have them in every other class (last tuesday).

Saw Jupiter in Venus next to the moon Monday night Very cool.
Also on the horizon... china meetings, conferences, the Trivia Tournament of Champions!, faculty parties, b days, holiday cheer, football, and Fridays in general. As for learners here, remember they will be tired too.