Monday, October 27, 2008


I am dizzy from a weekend of fun and studying. Watching the kids play football, laughing with friends, surprising phone conversations, and asian food. Also, facebook is hilarious. However, I should be focusing more on the now instead of the then.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Around the corner to New York and back again

dizzy. I am dizzy from the journey. But it was a full on riot! Despite the fact we had little time and far littler shopping (hooray for the wallet boohoo for the closet), the weekend was a hit. The observation lesson today also a hit. I just have to make it through the next couple of weeks and it will be smooth sailing.
I'm going in reverse blog order because I got confused...
Left Baltimore at 10ish, the drive was fine. Had a few experiences of having people jump out of the car in Brooklyn because they had to pee, but other than that, it was uneventful drive. Watched a couple episodes of Wife Swap (hooray) and then went to a lovely dinner at a Peruvian restaurant with Coconut infused raw tuna, and avocado and corn stuffed tamales. Then we went to the neighborhood bar, back to ms.suris for a some fun girl good times, and asleep by dawn... I won't tell you what was in my bed when I awoke (my bed was the couch ps)
Brunch (late) at French bistro, read the Book of birthdays (this was quite interesting...) the most important parts are... "You are not a football" "You shouldn't exercise" "Reality is the shadows on the wall of the cave"
Dinner in Manhattan at Butter restaurant, delicious! It was quite wonderful but I missed my sisters very much. The best lobster I have ever eaten, ever.
Drinks at the Living Room and met roomie and mayo and PFC there. It was fun. Roomie had a little skirmish with the bartender over the bill "You mean you want me to pay you?". Then we went back to Brooklyn for a bday party at a bar, where I met a man who worked with Big Daddy when he was a rocket scientist (small world). Back to apartment for champagne. Will not tell you what was in my purse when I woke up...
Woke and stumbled to the Dunkin Donuts across the street from Ms. Suri's. We ordered pizza very quickly after that. (Yes real cheese pizza, don't start) and we packed at left NYC at 12ish arriving in Baltimore at 3:30. A little nap, a quick movie, and then off to Mrs. Rock's bday bash for cake and steak. Will tell you I awoke in my own bed with clothes not in purse and no fried shrimp in my bed.
Field trip to Days Cove with my students for canoeing. Wonderful time. A bit cold in the morning. Had an excellent time, but too cold to take picture of my toes. We hiked and canoed and ate picnic lunches. It was fun.
Don' have much to say about Tuesday. Taught 6 went to 1. Homework for 2.
Observation hair lesson. In a wig, blonde ringlets while singing the Hair song. A plus. Then to a seminar about bats. Wigs and Bats.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Around the corner

Who knew that around the corner from the home I have lived in for more than a year, in a town of lived in for more than six, I had so many wonderful things around the corner. the Rocks back porch with waterfall, Harolds Vegetable stand opened 7 days a week, a seafood store that sells oysters, a Goodwill Store, and a makeup store called Ulta. It was a regular day at the OB today! Went to said porch for Bloody Mary's, Freshly shucked oysters, and some football. (Ravens lost). Very fun!

Tonight's dinner recipe: Wild Mushroom Ragout over chive lemon whole wheat couscous. The wild mushrooms were in a canister (huge!) at costco for 14 bucks or something. Chanterelles, Morels, Boletes, dehydrated in less than 30 minutes. Yummo! Tommorow I'm planning on serving the leftovers over pasta. so good!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Almost Halloween

It is very easy to just blog about the things I have to do. But in lieu of following said list, I am conspiring with my team about Halloween. It is cooling down, the leaves are sort of changing, I guess its time to hang up my flip flops and find some actual shoes and socks.

Oh how I love Halloween. Baltimore really does it right! Everyone goes to Fells Point (see Eat Bertha's Mussels below). All the college kids come decked out to the nines. One year, there was the entire A-team jumping out of the van. Also, so many fraternities and sororities painted blue as smurfs it was like smurfapalooza. Last year there was a Spartan with spear, shield, and red scarf like panties (I almost licked him right there on the street he was so delicious looking) The first year, I went as a Treasure chest with two pirates and a ghoul. By the end of that night I was a just the pirates booty, but it was an enormous and hilarious costume. The next year, was the first semblance of normalcy after my fall from grace or graceful fall (ha ha) when I put together my iPhone costume. My team mates dressed up as an old Scotsman (later named James Bond at 700) and two college guys, Mike and Ned, in sweaters and jeans.

This year, the team is reassembling (beginning at Bertha's before the college kids even get dressed and then we leave as they come flooding in and get to see it all), I was considering re-using the iPhone costume. However, in these dark times, and being an election year and all... I need to be political. Big Daddy is going to go as "Joe Six pack" and I will be the "Hockey Mom". I'm considering being a pit bull in lipstick. Have a couple of weeks to work out the details. Would love suggestions.

Crazy how "on the ropes" the reps are behaving after 2nd debate.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Rhymes with Sober... The list is long this month so perhaps curtailing of the vino wouldn't be the most extreme of plans. Here it is yet another blog to do list.
October To Do:
Parent Teacher Conferences 10.2
Finalize the divorce with lawyers from Iowa for (find $1000) 10.3
Proctor the LSATs at American University 10.4 (make $125)
Surprise Bday party 10.4 (shhhhhhhh its really a surprise)
Unit 3 in Forensics, APES, and ES 10.6-10.9
Enjoy Yom Kipper Off 10.9
Trip to NYC 10.17-19
Field Trip Canoeing 10.20
Begin new class in Physical Science 10.21
Observation in Forensics 10.22
Mid-term in Cancer Class 10.24
Presentation in Seminar 10 ?
Presentation in Other Seminar 10 ? (I should probably figure this out)
Field Trip to plant Trees 10.29
End of First Quarter Grades 10.31
Dress up and Enjoy Halloween 10.31