Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Sweet Corn

Otterbutt's new house, new backyard, new neighborhood, new internet connection, new grocery store, new lake, new birds, new bugs, new mosquito bites, new school, new mailman, new sheets, new broom, new mop, new garbage can... is beautiful, clean, fresh like sheets outside on the line - full of promise, excitement - and inevitable mess to clean again. But exciting none the less.

Not as plain as the Iowa countryside, full of corn as tall as I am as far as you can see, it surrounds your entire soul. Made me want to lay down and watch the clouds - I was very sleepy. I will spare the details of the trip except to say we spent most of it either at Wal-mart or on the couch. I read Anna Karenina almost all the way (150 pgs to go) and my man got me a new laptop exactly like the one he broke. Oh yeah we ate corn!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


The world is dismantling tomorrow. The rug pulled beneath the feet. A planned pull, but a pull none the less. It is good to change, change is the only constant in life. But it is also hard - and as I know from personal experience that its easier like a bandaid. Running away without any mention. But maybe planning will have a benefit. Maybe less tears... Or tears for less time...