Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jesus Phone! No kidding! I love my new iPhone. I am one who always buys the new gadget and then gets disappointed when the new version comes out cooler. But I have installed wedding photos of everyone who calls me, except for two frequent callers who did not attend the wedding, but these pics pop up when they call. The touch screen is so cool, way faster than scroll bars. The album art from iTunes is fantastic. Also, the maps and the website access is awesome. Typing became easy after a few tries, I find it easier than my old phone because it is qwerty buy odd to use both hands.

Mega Concert! No Kidding! Despite a few hour break to go to the mall and grocery store, I watched most of it. The saddest part is that when they would show the audience, no one knew any of the words to these old school muscians as my students would say. Didn't even know "Roxanne"! The Police were awesome, but I was more impressed with Roger Waters. I did not like Kanye West's additions to message in a bottle. He could have at least learned the words instead of saying ya hey every few moments. Madonna, good. Duran Duran, good. Melissa Ethridge, a little cheesy but good. Joss Stone, great. John Mayer, good. Dave Matthews, fantastic. The Black Eyed Peas really do put on a great and exciting performance. Bon Jovi said "Please rise for the national anthem" and then played Dead or Alive. He was perfect. I have always had a crush on him, but had to keep it from my emo hippy friends in high school. Red Hot CHili Peppers were great. Everyone in high school had a crush on them, except me. I loved the Genesis set. Ludacris was really fun. UB40 was great as well.

I have always HATED smashing pumpkins and good reason. He was all, "Please buy this album, don't download it free like you did all our other ones" Has Been who should have never Been! There set made Kelly Clarkson look good. Some of the artists, like Kelly, had no idea why the concert was being performed, KT said "Unplug your phone chargers and Eat some soil I guess"

I missed: MEtallica, Jack Johnson, Snoop DOgg, MAcy Gray, any of the China musicians.

The band from Antartica Nanatuck was really great. THey were 5 scientists from England. Antartica in Winter, How Brave. World TV concert, no problem