Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Day

Kids were off the hook today! yelling, fighting, talking, criticizing, interrupting, rude. Never let them see you sweat!!!!

Seriously... "why don't we do labs" "why is this lab boring" "why don't you have kleenex" "why were you just talking about grandmas" "why can't we blow stuff up" "why can't I go to the bathroom". I'm leaving off the question marks because they are said as critical statements, not questions.

But I did, in my calm rant about procedures, get to say "I know you're more than a test score". And I am really behind in my grading.

The rest of the week I am to find out about each kid. And respond to each critical question/statement with a philosophical dichotomy... "Why do you think we don't do labs?" "Why do you think this lab is boring, write a paragraph explaining your evidence" "Why do you think I may be out of kleenex?" "I'm glad you asked that? Who can tell me why I was making a reference to being comfy at grandma's house compared to being in the classroom learning?" "What would happen if we really conducted a lab that blew up? Develop a scientific method inquire about how to blow something up. Can you come to coach class or after school and I will explore that idea with you?" and finally... "why can't I go to the bathroom? If I can't, you can't okay?"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm quite familiar with the phrase "The Honeymoon is over"

Ended by the GDMFAssess county controlled written "quiz" standardized quiz. Need to work on studying skills. But we don't have time to study in class... what to do. ughhhh

Plus there was a fight during a lab so now we can't do today's lab and I have to make them do book work, but the book says a chapter in one page so I will have to explain it. Perhaps today is read the book out loud day. hmmmm.

The fighters got suspended which is good because it means the administration is supportive.

And alas, like a first year rookie, I am typing out my lesson plans minute by minute for the full 80 minutes. It's helping

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Not Ready

I'm reading "Let's talk about race. In the era of resegregation in Education" Except it's really sitting on the coffee table while I rewatch my awesome video montage's my students can't see at school but can at home. Interesting.

We're gearing up for our first short cycle assessment. A county written quiz. It will be awesome. Except I never showed them my moon picture slide show or the Earth viewer reviewer because they are blocked at school. Maybe they can see it from home.

Any way... We're talking about air pressure and atmospheric layers. The demo with the layers worked out well. The demo with the air pressure did not. Even though I practiced for nights with the can and the stove and the precise amount of water and the goggles, tongs, etc. Then the hot plate didn't work. Hard to demonstrate the point of air pressure when you can't get some heat! I'm sure it never worked because I left it plugged in and on for the entire night.

But any way... the schoolhouse didn't burn down.


But Hooray! I didn't do the exploding straw fountain!

Air Pressure Experiment
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