Saturday, April 26, 2008

Make the Carbs May

Next month, I am going to bake my own bread.
I;ll let you know how it goes. Stating May 1st all carbohydrates have to be made from scratch hopefully from local products. Pizza dough, rolls, cinnamon buns, sandwich bread, pasta are on the list of soon to be tested recipes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


the last time I was sitting near this river was two days after you came home to get your things. Six months ago. When my sadness became a large suitcase I lug around like you carried boxes of socks and DVDs from our home. Sitting by this river in the dawn of spring I see choices mistakes,missteps, misspokens. I am slipping this sadness gently into this river like launching a canoe. I watch it disappear floating onto the horizon where the great blue heron will come nest in the summer, she will pick up this bag and fly it away. Ten months have passed since the Niagara river leapt over the falls. You fooled us all here and maybe even those on your side of the big river -the Mighty. It must have been easier for you to set your sadness afloat down the river. Pieces in my luggage folded like shirts and skirts; the spot on your chest where my head would rest, long emails, your whispers, our bed. Reasons you left me crumpled and tucked shamefully in the bottom corner of the bag; cheese knives and your daily lies. Chess games and bleeding mistimed. Your big mighty river probably swept your sadness away a long time ago. I have set the sadness to sail along the gunpowder river. I am sure it just whispered to me that it didn't know if I would make it through the winter like a misplanted bulb in the fall unable to take root or bloom when the earth spins toward spring. It has sailed away and I will not wilt.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm pretty sure I'm ahead of the game for about 1 more hour when I drop my paper off at grad school (33 pages with Works Cited). Of course my usual blog with a list of things to do is starting; but I finished a couple hours early on my paper and could be revising it, instead I'm taking a little nap before class.

I am excited for the fellowship. yes teaching summer school would be the best thing to do but it will be boring and annoying. That is why it will be so much more money. The money thing does matter so much, but I have a room mate now and have never worked in the summer before so some money is better than no money.

But I will be on the beach, in the sun, on a boat, collecting bugs and chemicals and setting up fish tanks etc.. As Econtrario puts it; growing brine shrimp. It is sort of all coming full circle. Here I am with no life plans bumming around with my new room mate, first in years, and receive word that I'm going to Cambridge for 7 weeks. Sound familiar 1993? But it should be worth it for another opportunity to live in a dorm, do science, and plan lessons... right up my alley. Hopefully other things from the Cambridge, England trip, do not occur on the Cambridge, Maryland journey like... getting a D in romantic poetry, roommate moves in with sister and husband 1 (weird), MSG ridden Chinese Food at a B&B in scotland, watching Chariots of Fire, reading William Blake, or discussing Empericist Philosophy over a cup of coffee with some stranger in a restaurant. I would keep from England: country gardens, dining halls, and riding bikes.

Been reading and researching a lot about science as inquiry in the classroom and methods of learning and teaching. Sometimes it just makes so much sense and then in practice seems so impossible. I'm considering getting a SuperNanny Naughty Rug for my classroom. They are literally regressing to 2nd grade hitting and throwing paper.