Friday, June 23, 2006

Reading blogs...

It's so funny because all the teachers from NYC, LA, Baltimore, Utah... everyone has the same gripes... NCLB, bureaucracy, testing... It's like one big grad school bitch fest, you know when everyone starts complaining about the system.

Yesterday, I wore a tshirt with a peace symbol. Lt. Green Hornet gave it a very weird look, then said it was great. I want to take a picture of him in his uniform and me in my peace t. I wonder though, if it is in some way a little offensive to him. Again, complaining about the system.

I planted a garden this year on my balcony. I have two tomatoes, that I fear need to be in separate pots and are together, and herbs; basil, rosemary, lavender (?), 2 oreganos (?), thyme, tarragon, sage, parsley. I hope you are now singing the S&G song and wondering why I didn't write them in that order....

Time Zone

One excellent advantage to writing a journal on a blog is the ability to edit. My journal was never actually intended to be private, but when Otterbutt read it on a trip home from college in 1989, it became aparent that I thought it should be. That was back before the electrons began floating everywhere. We didn't have cell phones, we had to call each other at home and actually both be home to talk to one another. We sent mail, actual mail for correspondence. Anyway, it is hard to write in a cyber journal that may be read, may not be, but could be, it feels as though I'm leaving the diary unlocked.

My dependence on electronic energy is so drastic. I feel such calm and safety in the fact the lesson will be successful when I am teaching, if I have some sort of electronic e-gadgetey thing that will aid me in this. As summer begins, I find myself talking to the air via blogging, waiting for family to email, my horoscope to be texted to me, my diet and exercise to come from the net. TV, DVD, iPod, Videogame... Oops, check the email again. I am not interacting with any human energy at all, I'm just interacting with electronic gadgets.

Doing yoga on DVD this morning. I plan on turning on other electrons later. It is raining in Baltimore.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My two beautiful sisters: Poets, Chefs, Mothers, Runners? Otterbutt and Thirty-one are Officially correct about EVERYTHING! Including blogging. A bandwagon I've of course been slow to start, and I will be equally as slow with the running... I'm sure it will become aparent soon that I do not have the poetic graces you both have and you will probably be able to see my Queen of the Nerd and Science Teacher Abilities too easily, but forgive my first official blog...

It has come to my attention on my first official day of summer, no school, no work, no grad school, no kids, nothing to do, that being a teacher does have its perks in June July and August. I found myself working on lesson plans last night (with my best friend Kendall) with intermittent bouts with the video game Tomb Raider Legend on XBOX.

I miss the kids. They are wonderful. My nephew Crash is truly one of the best people on the planet. My niece, the flower, loves to speak in code and I became aware of her excellent ability to get a crowd of 7 people out of the house in a timely fashion with a rallying cry of "let's go" I also heard my favorite sound of a little girl whom I will nickname Goose however some say it is a pterodactyl sound. I must admit, I'm not old enough to remember pterodactyl noises, but the rumor is that my boss Big Daddy had a pet one once...

This morning, I awoke to the Green Hornet aka Lt. Davis, "good morning, will you marry me?" followed by "I miss Lily"