Friday, April 10, 2009

45 Days

The Chinese students sang this song at their going away party. The experience so far has taught me that family is family no matter what and no matter what they look like. As the exchange students got picked up at 4 am from Dulaney on their first day of arrival, they were embraced by their host families and added as new sons or daughters into their homes. They were immediately loved, loved, loved.

I'm sure it was difficult to send the students back home even knowing that they were going to see their friends soon when we go to Xi'an but the point is that the families may not be reunited. But each family described how important the experience was and how they will love their new families forever.

Not that this song isn't also about 54 other things as well but I know nuff than to go into that here. I am smiling and confident and that has been the plan I'm visualizing.