Monday, May 28, 2007

Forgetful Memories

Umm Forgot dress on the list. I hope this isn't an omen. I also forgot the letter d and a the

Wedding Plans part 4 Memorial Day

26 Days to Go
  • Memories are everywhere this weekend! Too bad about Otterbutt's house in the city of salt. More salty I'd say. I used spend this day in the Southern Valley playing volleyball and getting too much sun w/ econtrario. But now I spent it indoors, in town, with the internet.

    Of course, everyone I know is out of town, even people that live out of town are out of town, Otterbut and Egg are in Chicago, Thirty-one is camping at Strawberry, TNT are "down the shore", Volleyball coach is in Pennsylvania.

    Thank God for the Internet. I have spent the entire day weddinginging. We've secured flowers, officiants, wedding vows, seating charts, and the honeymoon planned. Also I made a website. Don't know how I'm going to finish the new list. I made it through last time when I made the long list before family and school. However, the family and the school may think I could have done better, thus the B's, I had a good time and got it down...
  • Lawyer to proove I got divorced in Canada to get marriage license.
    (Phone call logs to prove that I don't talk to ex EVERY day ha ha)
  • Final Fitting
  • DJ
  • Confirm dog sitter
  • Nails: Feet and Hands
  • Hair
  • Reception CDs
  • Gift Bags
  • Pack
  • Get Cars ready for trip
  • Oh yeah finish the school year AND
  • Fold 739 Origami Cranes

Honeymoon Plans are WAY more fun and less stressful than wedding plans.

  • We're going from Niagara on the Lake to
  • Saratoga Springs, NY Mansion Inn
  • Ben and Jerry's South Berlington Vermont
  • Sterling Ridge Resort Log Cabins Vermont
  • Jordan Grand Summit, Adirondacks
  • Bar Harbor Grand Hotel Maine
  • La Quinta Providence Rhode Island
  • Home!