Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wedding plans part 3 aka finals

What fun! The announcements are out, response cards are coming back. The dress, the shoes, the tiara. Can't wait!

The List 2 weeks Wed to Wed to Wed
  • Finish 4th quarter Interim Grades (and grading)
  • Help all senior teachers who can't use the internet to post their interim grades
  • Plan review for seniors for their final exams and AP test
  • photocopy AP Energy Tests for Friday
  • Forensic Book Work on Arson
  • Biology Project rubric "Chewin the Chesapeake" food webs
  • Get divorce documents to Ontario lawyer
  • Apply for Ontario marriage license and FedEx the documents or fax...
  • Go to Boot Camp at the Gym 8:30 am Saturday
  • Write 4 page lab report on functional feeding groups
  • Write 8 page paper for Limnology
  • Finish Biochemical Adaptations text readings
  • Go on Limnology Field Trip to the Catoctin mountains to wade in stream Sunday
  • Hang pictures in house
  • Clean house for guests
  • Lesson plans for week, APES, Forensics, and Biology
  • Attend Limnology class lecture (no lab due to field trip hooray)
  • Out for drinks with ladies from limnology monday night due to no lab
  • Type answers for Limnology due Wednesday
  • Attend the personal trainer appointment
  • Grading night with Ms. Cotton Tuesday
  • Attend classes Limnology and Biochemical Adapatations
  • *Receive final exam take home from biochem (69.5% on midterm) YIKES!~
  • Continue counting and receiving response cards
  • Receive Otterbutt et al. Thursday - Try to answer question 1 from final
  • Monday Lesson Plans required for sub
  • Pick up minivan rental
  • Receive Thirty-one and Mice Friday - There will be no answering of questions on exam
  • Saturday Free Comic Book Day with family
  • Do not attend opening of Spider Man 3
  • Sunday Bridal Shower
  • At least try to finish answering question 1
  • Airport for Mice and 31 flavors
  • Limnology lab on predation. Get to watch fish eat bugs.
  • Tuesday: Grading with Cotton aka answer question 2 with cotton
  • Wednesday: attend classes
  • Thursday: adios otterbutt et al.
  • Friday: Finish questions 3-4
  • Saturday" Finish questions 5-6
  • Sunday: Proof read and perfect paper, lab, and test

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's all about me and a little bit about the president

So... I must say. Last night at the Republicans for dinner, we started talking Forensic Science and Medical School. These two topics lead straight to the deaths of JFK and Lincoln. Prince McDLT Ensign Medical School started describing what happened to Lincoln as all the famous surgeons around came to see the bullet in his brain. Well, as they kept peering in with the probe,they pushed the bullet about 3 inches farther into his brain resulting in his death. He then said, maybe it was a blessing that they killed Lincoln because what would you do with a brain dead president.

I couldn't resist. I said, invade iraq, defend nonrenewable fossil fuels, elect a pet breeder for FEMA president.

The evening ended. BUT! I was really funny and couldn't resist. Good thing the Green Hornet is getting out of the military. I'm not fit for their consumption.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wedding Plans Part 2

Addressing the envelopes may have not been difficult but mailing them has been . I am going to attempt to carry my shoes, dress, tiara (my favorite part) and addressed envelopes to the car. Probably should take two trips. So today is the day for getting the first fitting of the dress. I'm so excited. I'll send pics.

How fast spring break goes by so full of promise for time to get things done before it begins and then it is gone. I haven't done all things on my list. The wedding stuff has an attractiveness but grading the BOX full of papers I have to grade before Monday is a bit underwhelming. I'll get it done but the best part of this break is that I breaked. Really relaxed. And I deserved it. Unfortunately for me relaxing tends to accompany big bills in shopping, pampering, and drinking.

I've lived here for five years and I finally got to see the Baltimore Orioles play for $7.00. It was a great time. So much history in that game. However, I needed a full day, facial, message, and haircut to even see straight after a night out with Coach P -not to be confused with "the Coach" in days of yore- and there was a strange Utah ness about the audience. Sad really.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wedding plans

Addressing Envelopes. It really wasn't that difficult. Once I found the addresses it only took a few hours. Who knew what the tissue paper was for? To keep the ink from running in the age of innocence. Picture white gloves on Winona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis. I really liked the formality of it, however, I find formal-ness not quite fitting me. For example, Big Daddy took me to the Opera and I was very over dressed in my green ball gown and black shawl, but I walk like a five year old in heels throwing the entire outfit off. I also wore long black gloves that fell on the floor repeatidly and I was very bitter at having to sit still for hours and not be moving on an airplane. Reason number 3017 to live near your sisters... Another problem with my formality is not having any females in my entourage. Coach Peat and Mr. T had to help me try on my dress, and there is now a full reason why men are supposed to stay away from tiny buttons and big dresses. It was funny. Hag in a wedding dress, who knew.