Saturday, February 23, 2008

snow days

The shallots I sauteed in butter still resonate in the kitchen. There may be an infestation of small flying things in the potato bin in cupboard. The fridge full of food all inedible. The pants stay unfolded in the laundry bin, iron is on, but will not press. Newly painted fingers and toes wait to dry. Snow in Maryland seems to freeze time, inside and out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So Divorce club is going well, who knew that my little disease is contagious! I've been helping four friends deal with their divorces. TNT said I should teach remedial divorce 101, especially for those that failed the marriage HSA. Hilarious! I must be careful to not take sides, or to make anyone feel that I'm not there for them. I also should be careful how many drunk texts I send to ex#1.

I've been working on how I teach a lesson. The presentation, expecting questions, socratic questions, increasing participation. I know that the students have noticed. It may have come about from my education classes at grad school. It has been awhile since I have focused on the art of teaching instead of the content. This is much more fun than molecular biology or animal physiology. To analyze how I teach instead of what I teach is making my job more fun and actually easier . Except the grading, which I just keep in a pile.

Thank goodness for these few days off in February (today is an ice storm day off! yesterday off for the obama day!). I'm going to go to NYC for the weekend.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Mr. Epiph and Sr. Econtrario both have the same Obama video on their blogs.
Obama Video
Yes, we can. I'm in all the way - hope this isn't another of my life altering heart breaking Bavetta moments when I get crushed. I am completely an Obama supporter. Putting myself all the way behind something... dangerous. Like "When John Stockton passed the ball to Karl Malone, Michael Jordan stole the ball away and dribbled to the front. Guarding him was Bryon Russell, one of the Jazz's best perimeter defenders. Jordan drove inside the 3-point line, crossed over (while apparently pushing off[1]), took a jumpshot from 20 feet and made it to give the Bulls an 87-86 lead with 5.2 seconds left. After a time-out, Stockton's three-pointer hit the rim and bounced away, giving the Bulls their sixth NBA title in 8 years." I was crushed. 2000 election heartbreak, electoral put not popular vote...crushed.
Let's go Obama team, win this one for the dogs...As goes the superbowl.
P.S. I watched this game again 9 years later in a cabin in Vermont.