Friday, January 09, 2009

Global Warming (is a Hoax...)

Really? Really? A letter from a parent asking me to "educate" myself on "both" sides of the argument. Really? That perhaps maybe humans aren't causing the increase of CO2 that is trapping heat around the GLOBE! Oh yeah and we humans don't over fish, or bring invasive species to islands, or leave trash in parks, or build starbucks and parking lots where turtles used to live, or cut down trees to build said starbucks, or cut down trees to make those cups that the starbucks goes in and the little cardboard protector, or wrap our poop in plastic for centuries, or use paper plates or glass wine bottles in the land fill (yes I recycle, sometimes). The words "so called anthropogenic CO2" actually hurt me as I read them. Actually hurt me. So I've decided to write a new "Inherit the Wind" to be allowed to teach global warming to republicans. "Inherit the Hot Air".

Really? Really? People really still are republican. Really?