Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring without a Revolution

I used up all of my fun before the week of spring break. Now I face a few days with nothing to do but grade and clean. This weekend will be fun with A's baby shower. Ug and grad scbool. ugh and charley has created this feeling of conspiracy in my paranoid brain
yes I have a great support group. But it feels like the first time I've been alone in while. Maybe I just miss "the Wire": one is never alone with cable I suppose, my true love, HBO. That's ok, maybe I'll marry it and I'll change my name to Mrs. K.J. HBO.

I love the John Adams series. I know I'm supposed to be in love with In Treatment, and I am, but John Adams is so interestin.g Econtrario talked about Thomas Jeffe rson for an entire summer and I am actually kind of shocked about how much I know about it. The cast so interestingly portrays this part of America. Also, they were comparing Obama to Jefferson on Bill Maher the other night. Politicians who rise above their times and see the ultimate government ever created for what it really is. or what it really should be. I thought Bill Maher was a little defensive, thinking he could joke about the race issue and then realizing his panel was so serious about it. I actually couldn't keep watching the entire thing because the woman professor was so intense.

I complain about how I couldn't afford to travel this break, and then watch people 200 years ago having to take a boat across the Atlantic to gain support for their revolution! Leaving their wives, children, and fellow countrymen to die while they go dine with the silly French. I complain about my silly chores, when I don't have many rows to hoe as they say. Have to clean my house, but not scrub it in fear of small pox.

What strange lives we lead in the Information Age.
I will just enjoy spending the time working on my work that I have put off for so long, and clean this house that has caused a bit of a headache this week. I will chat with sisters and email mom.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slug or Sloth

The beginning of March has been quite unproductive. I have made significantly large piles of assignments, lab equipment, dishes, mortgage forms, bills, bottles, ashes, clothes, and a sticky mess of chocolate mint syrup spilled by unknown cat in smelly basement. However, today, I have cleaned up said syrup mess and thought about the above mentioned piles and prioritized them.

My students may have changed their minds about me, I may actually have a little more energy and a lot more jokes in the classroom this quarter. We are always laughing. Field trip next week and it always the part of the year that the kids start to make connections with all the lame assignments I give all year and how they apply to the actual environment. We also have a good time. It is supposed to rain, but we won't melt. They also just had sports night, where the classes (Srs, Jrs, Soph, Freshies) compete for silly games. They sit in areas in the gym and chant taunts at one another. They played crab soccer, bat relay, rope climbing, blind volleyball, etc. The dance team are the referees. It appears the most important thing was how much of your belly you were willing to expose to write your class on the belly 2008! Some of my students started out with one letter on each of their shirts to spell out SENIORS. By the end of the evening they spelled IRS ONE! I thought this hilarious.

Also, team ironhorse has the 9th highest score this year from our trivia league. But we did lose quite dramatically last night being tied for 2nd at halftime and then bombing all the remaining questions. Science teachers lost on Xyphoid process ? and Einsteins birthplace ?, English teachers misspelled aneurysm (aneurism is wrong).

Heading to a colleagues 40th bday party tonight with a "Casino Night" theme. Ice luge for shots, a tornado of cash, roulette, poker, craps, deep fried turkeys, etc. Should be fun, but it is in PA.

End of long post, it appears the mid of march has turned things around a bit, and no matter how often I wash them, my hands still smell like chocolate mint.

Monday, March 10, 2008

new roo mates post

so we're living here in towson town
where they're tearing all the college buildings down
out in bethelehem their tearing up forms standing in line

so our forefathers fought the world warz
and all your mothers are world class whores
why would we care and who wants INDY (thats kendeall-jackson's dog by the way)
She likes him very much?


They tore down all the old houses in Towson.
You can see from Burke to the Circle.
The library sign glows red in the distance.
They tore down all the old houses in Towson.
They used to be boarded up.
But you could see the keg parties on the porches on the duplexes front porches
and the kids playing in the backyards of the mansions
and wonder about their large lion gated front steps.
The old houses in Towson that they tore down used to block the view.
Now it shows the drive thru starbucks all the way to the starbucks by the mall.
They tore down all the old houses in Towson.
Now we wait for the new condos/townhomes/single family homes that will block our view again.